Officer Guide

This is a quick and dirty guide with some information about what you can/should do as an Officer in the FC. Please let Mo or Kasia know if you have any questions. Thank you for your hard work for our Free Company!

Greet People who login

  • If you see someone login, please say hi or otherwise acknowledge they logged on
  • You don’t have to do for this absolutely everyone and of course if you are in a duty you won’t see these messages
  • It helps members feel welcome and be more likely to stay

Check FC Message

  • Make sure there is no stale event info in FC message
    • Topics -> Company Board
  • Edit to remove; please leave website and discord info in place

Check activity log

  • Make sure new members are listed properly in MAS
  • If anyone left, make sure it shows their part date and that they are no longer a member
  • If any changes need to be made to MAS, let Mo know

Check member list

  • Check for name changes
    • Usually people who change their name will be within the past 24 hours so skim the member list and check for anyone you don’t recognize
    • You can compare the data in MAS to find out who it is
      • Look up character name on lodestone
      • In URL, the number at the end is the character ID. This number persists through name changes/server transfers
      • Search MAS by character ID to find out who changed names
    • Let Mo know to update MAS (post in Officer chat in discord)
  • Check for players who have returned to the game
    • If anyone has rank ‘Inactive’ with less than 30 days since login, they came back
    • Assign them appropriate rank once we feel it was the actual person returning and not that they were hacked
    • Recruit is always safe to assign
    • If you aren’t sure, let Mo know or assign Recuit and we can grant additional rank per our discretion
    • Let Mo know to update MAS (post in Officer chat in discord)
  • Check for (unable to retrieve) members
    • Let Mo know if there is one
    • Don’t discharge them so Mo can figure out who it was

Check Chocobo stables

  • If condition is Fair or Poor, use Magicked Stable Broom to clean stables
    • Tab 1 Chest
  • Train all uncapped Chocobos (rank not yellow); food is in chest
    • Sylkis Bud
    • Krakka Root
    • Pahsana Fruit

Check garden

  • ‘Tend’ all plants (especially ones smoking purple)
  • Please dont retrieve harvestable plants from garden as timing has to be right for intercrossing
  • You can fertilize plants once per hour with fishmeal (Tab 1 Chest), but it isn’t necessary; tending is only thing necessary

Check aetherial wheel stand in upstairs of house.

  • If wheel is glowing let Mo know to swap it out
  • If no wheel, take one from chest Tab 3 and place on stand to begin to prime it

Check FC Chest

  • Check history to make sure no one abused chest
  • Ensure consumable items in tabs 1/2 are stocked
    • Gysahl Greens
    • Chocobo coloring items
    • Magicked Stable Broom
    • Thavnairian Onion
    • Fishmeal (Garden fertilizer)
    • Glamour Prisms
    • If any items are low or out of stock, let Mo know. Brooms can be purchased with FC points from NPC in Housing area
  • Tab 3 has items to make aetherial wheels and gardening supplies

Check actions

  • Make sure the appropriate actions are active (schedule is on FC Website)
  • Actions should be changed at daily reset time
    • When daylight saving time is active it is 11a EDT/10a CDT/9a MDT/8a PDT/Arizona
    • When on standard time it is 10a EST/9a CST/8a MST/7a PST
  • Make sure there are inactive actions for at least the next day
  • Mo usually restocks actions on Saturdays and Mondays

Check discord for members with unassigned roles

  • Go to welcome text channel to be sure to see everyone
  • Names in white need roles assigned
    • If you aren’t sure who someone is, ask in FC chat in the game or send them a PM
    • Right click the member name, go to roles, and set FC member/Raid Team/Guest as appropriate
    • VA role allows non-PTT in Conversation channel
      • Use only if you are sure person has discord set to not pick up a bunch of background noise
  • Right click and set nickname
    • Enter the person’s character name EXACTLY as it appears in the game in the form Firstname Lastname
    • Be sure to capitalize just like the game does
    • Do this even if the person has their name set to their character name already
      • This ensures if they change their discord name, the nickname we set still overrides for our server
  • Post in officer chat that you set <discord name> to <character name> and what roles you assigned
    • This allows Mo to update MAS for FC members who have discord