Company Chest Info

Last Updated 24 July 2019

Company Chest
The following items are available for everyone. If you do not have permission to remove it yourself, please ask a Senior/Fabled Member or a leader to retrieve the necessary items for you. If there is not enough of a particular item, please let a leader know so we can grow/craft/farm/buy more.

Chocobo Color Food – we regularly grow/stockpile the necessary items to feed your chocobo in the stable in order to change its color. PLEASE use the Chocobo Color Tool to calculate what you should feed your bird and in what order for best results. The fruits for this are kept in Tab 2 of the chest. Also, sometimes it takes less food to reset your bird to Desert Yellow and and then change to desired color than it would to change from your current color to the new desired color. Please run both on the tool and see for sure. If it takes less items from the Desert Yellow, we do have some lemons in the chest available to reset it back to default.

Chocobo Companion Food – we keep a stockpile of Gysahl Greens for summoning your companion and various food (Sylkis Bud, Krakka Root and/or Pahsana Fruit etc.) for training your bird in Tab 1 of the FC chest. Please feel free to take a reasonable amount to train your bird and even other birds that have been stabled at the FC house.

Magicked Stable Broom – if you notice that the stable isn’t sparkling clean, please grab one of these and select the Clean Stable option. Clean stables grant more exp per training for stabled chocobos.

Thavnairian Onion – this item is needed to unlock each rank past level 10 for your chocobo to continue to progress. Once you reach rank 10, please take one as needed (your chocobo’s rank will be yellow indicating it is capped). Please do not retrieve more than one at a time.

Glamour Prisms – we regularly craft clear prisms in to the glamour prisms to cast glamour for your gear.  Anyone is welcome to take an appropriate amount of the prisms needed to glamour your gear to your heart’s desire. We encourage you to deposit clear prisms in to the chest in Tab 3 when you get them in dungeons so we can continue to refill the crafted prisms as they get low.

FC Consumables – we keep fishmeal for fertilizing plants and mission ceruleum for airship trips to Diadem in Tab 1 of the chest. Please take any reasonable amounts of these items as needed.

Orchestrion Rolls – Any extra orchestrion rolls are placed in Tab 1. Please check to see if you already have that particular one before retrieving it. These are cleaned out from time to time so if one you put in has been in there a while, go ahead and grab it and sell it.

Various Dyes – Various dyes are available for your use in Tab 1. We keep a few of the crafted colors and then also retainer venture colors stocked. Please take only what is needed so everyone has a chance to use some if needed. Also check the Junkmonger NPC in the house as they have a decent selection of dyes.

Level Cap GC Provisioning Items – Tab 2 has a selection of items to turn in for daily Grand Company provisioning (Botany, Mining, Fishing). If your DoL class is level 80, feel free to grab the appropriate amount of your daily item (the Timers menu [CTRL+U] will tell you this and it resets in the afternoon for US timezones) and turn it in to your Grand Company. This gets you company seals and gets the FC company credits. The only request is please do not take the last one of something. If we are low on stock, let Mo know to restock it.

Tab 3 Items

This tab contains items used by the FC Leadership for various FC items/tasks. A few examples would be gardening, company workshop materials, tier III action crafting materials, etc. Only leaders can remove items from this tab.

Crafting Crystals

If you need crystals for crafting/leveling, you may retrieve reasonable increments from the FC chest. We try to keep the chest stocked to max on crystals. If you are leveling and plan to use many crystals, notify Mo or Kasia so we can arrange to replenish a large quantity before retrieving them.

Items Requested

Donating items to the FC/chest is OPTIONAL and not required for membership. In fact, we’re pretty picky about what we accept. Please refrain from placing items other than what is listed below in the FC chest. We are currently accepting:

  • Shards/Crystals/Clusters (Unless that item is at the max 9999).
  • Gardening Soils (unless stash is full. Check Tab 3).
  • Seeds for chocobo exp food, crystals, thavnairian onions.
  • Glamour prisms (Unless that item is at max 999 stack).
  • Clear Prisms – Deposit in Tab 3, please
  • Retainer-brought dyes are being stocked by Mo
  • Items to make Grade III Wheel of Confrontation
  • Cordial
  • Items to make magitek repair materials (dark matter cluster, G6 Dark Matter)

Donations of requested items are appreciated. Any item deposited in to the FC chest becomes the property of the Free Company.

Gil Deposit

We are not requesting gil at this time. We’re not going to stop you from depositing it either, but it is discouraged at this time. We have a large FC house and are not currently saving for anything specific. Any gil you donate becomes part of Mo’s slush fund to embezzle. You have been warned!