Company Rules and Policies

Onyx Chrysalis Overview

We welcome everyone to our free company without play style or level restrictions. Overall we are a causal group. We are a group of players who enjoy playing the game. The members that stick around are not easily offended and don’t need safe spaces. If you need help with content in game, please use @everyone, @here, or @fc members tags in Discord as appropriate and whoever is free will be able to respond. If you can’t get enough people right then and there, we can schedule something. We do not have FC raid teams. Some of our members are in raid teams outside of the FC and this is perfectly fine.

Rules. Yep- Only three of them.
Our main rule is no direct, personal attacks on other FC members. Do we really need to go in detail on this? If so, maybe we aren’t the FC for you.

We don’t tolerate trolling. This includes excessive complaining. Why continue to subscribe to a game you hate?

You must join our Discord server to be ranked up from ‘Recruit’. You do NOT have to use voice, but any announcements and a lot of the socializing takes place on Discord even when we are logged in to the game. You may mute any channels and most ping notifications you wish, but please at least keep up with the #announcement channel from time to time as important information from FC leadership will be relayed here.

Reinvite Policy
Our experience is that anyone who leaves the FC and then comes back later never sticks around long-term and usually is a source of drama. We have a no reinvite policy unless you were kicked for being offline too long (see below) or arrange a temporary departure directly with Kasia PRIOR to leaving the company. This means you have messaged Kasia directly on Discord or via in-game tells and she confirmed your temporary departure with you. People who rage quit once will just rage quit again and this is why it must be arranged BEFORE you leave and only directly with Kasia.

Activity Requirements
You are considered an active member by logging in to the game. You do not need to do anything with the FC or even chat if you don’t want to. We have a few members who are pretty quiet other than saying hello and this is just fine! Inactive members are purged from the FC regularly based on offline time to keep an active player base.

• Offline 30+ days and no Grand Company
• Offline 60+ days and does not have a room at the FC house
• Offline 120+ days in all other cases

Members with the rank ‘Fabled Member’ are exempt from being kicked for offline days. Anyone discharged for inactivity is welcome to rejoin when they return to the game. Just put in an application or message an FC leader.

The above offline day/activity requirements are the general guidelines we use. Leadership reserves the right to make adjustments or exceptions on a case-by-case basis. If you are going to take an extended break from the game, just give us a heads up.

Onyx Chrysalis Discord Policies

Nicknames and Permissions
By default, you will only be able to access the welcome text channel and the Party/Raid voice channels. Please ask someone to set your permissions for Discord in the game or via PM to a leader. We will set your nickname for this server to your character name so we know who you are if it isn’t already and give you appropriate roles so you can access relevant content. If you are a guest, etc., whomever invited you should set this up. There are a few channels that are for only FC members.

Voice Channels
The conversation channel is like the FC chat function in the game, but for voice. Permissions are set to force Push to Talk (PTT) to minimize background noise, bodily functions, and other distracting and unwanted interruptions to the conversation. The mobile app for Discord ignores this setting so we ask that you set this appropriately. If you have your system properly setup so we don’t hear extra background noise/game noise etc., we can grant voice activity permission. Please just let us know. The party/raid channels are unrestricted for PTT/Voice Activity as having to hit a keybind during a raid or tough fight can be cumbersome.

Onyx Chrysalis FC Channels
Please post things where they belong! If it isn’t mentioned here, it probably goes in #shitposting.

#announcements is used for FC leadership to relay important information about the FC or events. Only officers can post in this channel, but be sure to check it regularly so you are up to date with what is going on. If you need to comment or discuss something posted here, see #ffxiv-discussion.

#calendar is used for automated announcements from the FC event calendar.

#playlist is to queue up songs for Rythm bot to play in your voice channel. Please only post commands for the bot in this channel. Please use the !clean command when you are done to clean up messages from the bot.

#shitposting is officially designated a NSFW channel and you have to acknowledge this before Discord will allow you to view it. Most of the time it is a level somewhere between PG-13 and R. The easily-offended might be better off skipping this one. Really if what is posted in this channel bothers you, you probably should find another FC.

FFXIV Channels

#crafting is for discussion and sharing of crafting information such as macros, materials lists, etc. If you need something specific crafted, you can post that here and someone should be able to help out.

#ffxiv-discussion is for game-related chatter. It is also the appropriate place to discuss and request in-game events.

#links is a channel with easy access to frequently asked about game resources. If you think something should be included that isn’t, or you find a broken link, please PM Mo or Kasia.

#lodestone is where the Lodestone bot will post information about new lodestone posts. Feel free to mute this one if you get this information from some other way.

#screenshots is the place to show off that picturesque sunset or awesome piece of gear you worked so hard to get. This should be strictly for FFXIV game related images. Brief discussion of a posted image is ok, but if you are going to get in to the latest reddit debate, please take it to #ffxiv-discussion.

Pet Pictures
And we do mean PET pictures as in your pet or maybe your best friend’s pet, but not just random animals or memes with animals. Those would go in #shitposting.

#cats for the best pets- Cats of course!

#dogs are a close runner-up

#other for any other awesome pets that aren’t cats or dogs