Welcome to Onyx Chrysalis Free Company

We’re a Discord-centric leveling/casual Free Company on Hyperion server (Primal Datacenter). We have a mansion in Lavender Beds and all of the usual FC perks along with an active Discord server. There are no required time commitments and while you must join our Discord server to be a member, you are never required to use voice. We organize events in Discord and the text channels stay pretty active even when people aren’t logged in to the game. Please note that the Discord server and the FC in general are NOT safe spaces.



About the Free Company Name

We changed «:OC:» to Onyx Chrysalis on February 4, 2019. The current active members were asked to participate in choosing the new name. We wanted to keep the tag the same so we asked for suggestions that would fit. Onyx Chrysalis was the winner. There were many other funny and inappropriate suggestions floated and we expected nothing less. Our FC was formerly known as Orange Chicken for the first two years of existence.